Congratulations Graduating Class of 2013

June 14, 2013

Congratulations to the 2013 class of graduating seniors in the Creative Writing Program! To see more photos from the Senior Reading, please visit the UCSC Creative Writing Page. 


Graduating Seniors at the Student Reading. From left to right, back row: Michael Dhyne, Angelina Howard, Lauren Vargas, Desireé DeGarmo, Janelle Gleason, Amber McCready, Alyssa Young, Stephen Richter, Mike Greer, Melanie Ware, Ali Saleh, Roxanne Powell, Sean Timm, Tressa Fessenden-McKenzie, Keira Nolan, Daniel Cetina, Laurel Marks; Bottom row, left to right: Gary Young, Micah Perks, Stephen Jr., Ivy Smyth, Dan O'Leary, Julia Yeager, Ariel Rejae, Claire Davidson

Melanie Ware

Melanie Ware reads her memoir at the Senior Reading.

Laurel and Alyssa

Alyssa Young and Laurel Marks hang out at the reception.


The poets hang out at the Senior Reading Reception. Left to right: Bethany Klint, Michael Dhyne, Gary Young, and Alyssa Young.


Stephen Richter gives an action-packed reading from his novel, Unload.

Emma Reading

Emma Schmitz reads from her novel, Milk-Eyed Daisies.


Lauren Vargas reads poetry at the Senior Reading.


Ivy Smyth closes the Senior Reading with her short story, "Artisan."


Graduating Seniors in the Fiction Concentration. Back row, left to right: Julianne Kimm Park Bellin, Melanie Ware, Dan O'Leary, Ariel Rejae, Daniel Cetina, Sean Timm, Julia Yeager, Ali Saleh, Lauren Nord, Mike Greer, Ivy Smyth, Stephen Richter; Front row, left to right: Emma Schmitz, Laurel Marks, Everest Dillon-Hurley, Claire Davidson


Graduating Seniors in the Poetry Concentration. Back row, left to right: Roxanne Powell, Angela Sevilla, Karl Smith, Amber McCready, Laurel Marks, Angelina Howard, Michael Dhyne, Brandon Hayward, Janelle Gleason; Front row, left to right: Tressa Fessenden-McKenzie, Melissa Marfell, Alyssa Young, Brittany Hughes, Desireé DeGarmo, Lauren Vargas, Bethany Klint