About the Undergraduate Creative Writing Program

The Literature major at UC Santa Cruz offers a concentration in Creative Writing for students dedicated to the study of literature, and to the writing of poetry, fiction, memoir, and cross-genre experiments. The Creative Writing concentration is a rigorous immersion in the written word that encourages students to think creatively and analytically about language and culture.

Creative Writing students experiment with their writing in supportive and challenging workshops, and discuss thematic, linguistic, and structural choices with teachers and peers.

Creative Writing is a small, close-knit community of undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. We meet regularly at readings in the Living Writers series, during which students interact with visiting authors, and learn about publishing opportunities, contests and literary events. Creative Writing students may apply for credit-bearing internships within the UCSC creative writing program, at UCSC, and with local arts organizations, newspapers, journals, and magazines.

Students who graduate with a concentration in Creative Writing go on to Master in Fine Arts (MFA) programs in creative writing at institutions including Columbia University, New York University, The New School, University of Virginia, and University of Massachusetts, Amherst. They also pursue graduate work and careers in literature, journalism, publishing, journalism, film, education, digital media, law, and many other fields. Our beloved alumni include American Book Award winner Reyna Grande, literary agent Christopher Hermelin, Danielle Dutton (the co-founder and editor of the Dorothy Project), Washington Post journalist Michael Scherer, Hauna Zaich (the middle-year program coordinator at Stockton Collegiate International, a public school), and Danny Cetina (Senior Content Producer and Head of Snapchat at Mitú Network, a digital media company that focuses on Latinx content). If you know how to write well for a general audience, your possibilities are endless.