2013-14 Creative Writing Interns

September 05, 2013

Here are your 2013-2014 creative writing interns!

Mary Allen

Megan Baker

Jacob Block

Adri Gonsalves

Grace Williams

Please feel free to go to them with any questions, concerns, ideas or opinions you would like to share!  They are happy to help you any with creative endeavors you are working on or things you would like to see happen in the department. Each intern holds weekly office hours in the Kresge Writing Center and would love for you to drop by and share some writing to work on, a piece you like, or any ideas and questions you make have!  Here are the times you can find them:

Jacob:  Monday 10am - 12pm

Adri, Grace, and Mary:  Monday 11am - 1pm

Megan:  Monday 12pm - 2pm

Or feel free to contact them at cwintern@gmail.com