Meet Your 2016-2017 Interns

These are your Creative Writing Interns for the 2016-2017 school year!  They all come from different writing, perspectives, and life experiences. They would love to help you develop your writing, recommend authors to you, or just talk about anything.  So stop by their office hours on Tuesdays from 5:20-6:20pm at the Kresge Writers House. Here are there biographies and pictures, and they are excited to meet you all!

  • sSamantha Alsina is a fourth year senior studying in the poetry concentration. She dabbles in subjects of human memory, oppression and the taboo. Her work borders between short fiction trying to be poetry and poetry trying to be short fiction. Although she's not sure what kind of writer she will turn out to be, she strives for a voice that is both honest, unapologetic, and accessible.
  • dDominique Zumwalt is pursuing her BA in Literature. She is a lover of poetry and a brewer of craft beer. If you can't find her in a bookstore or a clothing store, she's on the road looking for her next adventure. You can always find her actively pursuing her dreams in a pair of heels and a great book in hand.
  • dDanielle Williams is a fourth year double major studying Business Management Economics and Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry. She loves to read and write works with an emphasis in the black aesthetic and empowerment for all people of color. She uses her art as a voice for activism and carthatic release. She loves the idea of layering different types of art and wishes to grow with her art by learnining more everyday. Here are only a few of her icons: Ingmar Bergman, bell hooks, John Coltrane, Maya Angelou, Gwendolyn Brooks, Spike Lee, James Baldwin, T.S Elliot, Matsuo Basho and Pablo Neruda. 
  • tTatiana Vázquez double majors in Literature and Biology. She is a proud mixed Filipino-Mexican American. 
  • nNicholas Neyhouse comes from the East Bay town of Danville, and he is in his fourth year at UCSC. A poetry and philosophy student by day, and a lot of the times by night, he utilizes his precious and limited free time to eat vegetarian burritos, read comic books, listen to hip-hop, jazz, and folk music, and play board games with friends. Nicholas aspires to create his own job that allows him to learn from other’s journeys and share his exploration of the world around him.
  • cChloe Coome is from a town just outside of Toronto, Canada. She’s been writing since she was ten years old, starting with horror themed short stories she wrote and illustrated after school. Now she’s moved to the west coast (for now), dropped the badly drawn ghouls and writes about the horrors of growing up, dysfunctional families and speed dating. Come say hi, to discuss writing or anything you need.